What is IPTV and why we use it ?

IPTV is broadcasting of television over the internet Protocol. Traditionally, television was broadcasted to homes using radio waves. Any household with a TV set and antennae would be able to view the broadcast. While this system has endured many upgrades over the years, in terms of technology, it is now being replaced gradually with IPTV. The difference is IPTV uses the internet along with private networks to broadcast content instead of using radio waves.

We are witnessing a rise in IPTV now as the internet has finally penetrated to most parts of the world and is easily accessible with reliable speeds. With this infrastructure in place, the internet can be used to broadcast TV just like it is being used to allow users to make voice and video calls.

Traditional TV still holds a major market share but IPTV is beginning to emerge as a viable alternative to cable because of its benefits over the traditional TV.

  • The biggest benefit to the viewers is cost. IPTV subscriptions can be easily customized to individual needs. Hence you have the option to only pay for TV channels or TV shows that you want to watch!
  • Additionally, IPTV gives you the choice to stream your TV shows at the time you like. You can also download TV shows to view later on.
  • Furthermore, IPTV is ad-free for the most part. This means you can actually complete a 40 minute TV show in 40 minutes. If you’re like me, you also have the option to fast forward straight to the action!
  • IPTV infrastructure is relatively cheap and easy to set up ! 
  • Along with traditional TV content, IPTV also provides live streaming, video on demand and a lot of other Internet-based services on your television that you would normally only access on computers.

IPTV is here to stay for a long time and will continue to get more customer-centric as more users subscribe to it.



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